Century-old time capsules opened in New York City, Boston




so boston had a big media event and then said, “sorry, you can’t see what’s in there”?? man.


Was it opened by the Queen of England, or did they just find margarine inside?


This precious stand of old-growth time capsules, eradicated for our amusement. Don’t you understand? They can never be replaced!


Was Gerlado Rivera present?!


Don’t you always just expect these things to contain a Jack-in-the -Box?


What if someone sneezed while the box was being sealed or something. Its probably hard for a virus to live for long in that box but what if the early 20’th century flu pandemics or smallpox was released?

hopefully modern medicine can minimize deaths


Actually, I’d like to see one of those spring-loaded gag “snakes” pop out. Or a Jack-in-the-Box.


i always hope for a tiny frog in a top hat, singing ragtime. : \





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