CEO of London's Serpentine Gallery resigns after Guardian report

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Serpentine Galleries Chief Quits, With Harsh Words for Activist Artists

“But I never thought leopards would eat my face!”, says woman whose gallery had previously declared itself “a safe space for unsafe felids.”


I am entitled to be a contract killer and anyone that thinks I’m not is a bully that hates free speech.


Rich, famous person gets called out for human rights abuses. Rich, famous person decides she doesn’t like it, responds with reasons why it should be okay to abuse human rights.


Somebody apparently hasn’t read Sun Tzu’s The Art of War.

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Ever fascinating, the way dirty people who gain lots of ill-gotten lucre try to wash themselves with art.

I suppose it’s a sort of romantic ideal, like 19th century poseur artistes frequenting low level brothels.

Well. Now I know where to go to buy a gun in London.


Amazing how some people are able to compartmentalise their lives.

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Correct, bullying and intimidation is the preserve of NSO’s clients.

Gee, what a surprise. Serpentine Gallery was evil.
Next up for investigation: House Slytherin.

Would deploying her company’s products to ensure that all personal attacks against her and her family are exquisitely precisely guided in the future count as a noble step to address her concerns?

Because in this case it’s pretty tempting.

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Homo Economicus understands that ‘limited liability’ helps prevent the spread of moral exposure in just the same way it does financial and legal exposure.

If they even recognize a difference between these things, of course.

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