Certify your IT skills with this CompTIA training

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Does it come with a sash to sew the merit badges on?


Is comptia any less of a waste of time than it was back in the 90’s? At least the certs I got from them don’t expire. Still never helped me out one bit in making any more money than I was already.


I was tempted, but apparently the store doesn’t deliver “forgot your password” emails, and there’s no way in hell I’m signing up with facebook.

Oh, and thanks for the capatcha on every single freaking interaction. That’s not annoying at all.

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I really don’t know anything about CompTIA or this product and yet I can’t not post this.


Oh hey look, they are offering cloud certifications!

Where are those people that insist I was being pedantic when I said this had a specific meaning instead of the common one of, “somewhere, not here” ?

Guess that makes me “sodium-free.” I don’t have a single certification, although I’ve been working with the same platform for 20 years.

But I’ve always wondered if I should have A+ in my back pocket, just in case


I don’t have any either! Well, other than a CS BS from a mid-grade American university.

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No. No you should not.

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Hell, I don’t even have that. I’ve got the BS, all right, but (other than the library catalog terminals) I rarely used any computers in college.

After I graduated, I got an IBM XT (which was already old, even back then) and then everything changed…

You’re making me feel old again :wink:

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