Work in IT? Here are 5 reasons you need to get CompTIA certified

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CompTIA does not support right to repair, and spends your exam fees paying lobbyists to aggressively fight legislation for right to repair.

My CompTIA certs? Useless. The only reason I have them is it was a requirement for my job. I’ve never used any of the information that was on the Network+ test. My A+? Also useless.


Don’t believe me? Right from the horse’s mouth:


HDI DAST is more relevant these days.

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Is this a US thing in particular? Literally never heard of it before.

When I was in school comotia was very popular. A lot of places consider it entry level qualifications even today. Here in the US.

I got a CompTIA A+ back in 2012 I think. It’s “expired” now, but they didn’t teach anything that is expirable if you ask me.

Circle plug goes in circle hole, square plug goes in square hole. Make sure RAM matches the board. Make sure board fits in the case kind of stuff.


They also have borderline sleazy deals with state colleges,
pay Comptia $$$ and get credit at some state schools where you could have taken the classes in the first place— for HALF the money.


Came here to say the same thing.

Want to get into IT?
Grab some PC parts from local gumtree or craigslist and build your own system.
Set up your own docker/kubernetes clusters.
Build your own VMWare ESXi system and play about with linux based services you can run at home.

All of those things are free.

Actually being interested in tech and showing a willingness to play around with your own home setups will not only give you current knowledge but most importantly displays an attitude people want to see in their department.

That’s how you get noticed, not a do-nothing quiz.

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Technically, my A+ and Network+ certs don’t have an expiration, because I got them that long ago.(I don’t know if they expired out all the grandfathered certs by this point, but it’s irrelevant.) But even back then, they were pretty worthless, and done to satisfy someone else that I knew my buttocks from a warm stone.

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