Get the CompTIA IT Security, Network & Hardware Certification Training for just $39 (over 90% off)

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Was about to grab this, until… "Exam not included."
The exam is over $300.


I had to take the CompTIA Security plus as a job requirement. It was the most miserable damn test I’ve ever taken. The best advice I received for taking the test was “answer like you don’t really understand how things work”. I’m not sure how their “IT Security” compares, but I wouldn’t go anywhere near it if it wasn’t required, and would make my employer pay for it if it was.

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Do you happen to know whether this is true of all CompTIA courses? I’m grinding my way through the Cloud Essentials course right now. On the one hand, certification doesn’t hurt anyone. On the other hand, not directly applicable to my area of expertise; just something I picked up on the cheap that may come in handy at some point. Am I just trundling down the path toward excruciating torment?

I can’t speak to all of their certs. Security+ is the only one I have any experience with. When I was going through the study guide for it, there were multiple explanations for concepts that left me thinking: “That’s almost right, but not exactly”. The organization that was requiring it was using the cert so that technical people would have a baseline vocabulary for security concepts, but the test didn’t leave the impression that they were trying that hard to get things right.

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