Prep for a Cisco-certified future with these 9 courses

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Certifications might help you get a foot in the door at some places but it is mostly just a racket by the networking vendors (you get discounts if you employ a bunch of certified people) and about memorising their specific devices CLI commands instead of learning concepts that are applicable across the board.

I let my CCNA expire and never fell for the allure of the CCNP/CCIE.


I gather they have some worth in IT, but I have yet to work in a programming job where they didn’t have negative worth. Every place I’ve seen considered programming certifications to be a big red flag.

It’s an odd cultural divide. I assume it’s because in programming, specific knowledge matters so much less than being able to design and implement. basically answers any specific knowledge question, but no certification really captures one’s competence about the basic paradigms of programming (O-O, concurrency, etc.)


The same. I never recieved any tangible employment benefit from my CCNA, Network+ or A+ certs. The CCNA was the only one that even approached any actual value (and I still use the skills from it some 20ish years later).

I did get very real benefit from the MS cluster with fiber channel storage that I rigged together in the basement. That got me a very lucrative job working with big IT and financial companies everyone has heard of. No certs involved with that though, just good old figuring shit out and being able to prove it. Beats book learning every day of the week.

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Are we sure that Cisco has a future?

I like this twitter account.


Oh I’m certified, all right!

Oh, yeah, definitely. Given their boardroom ethics, future directions might involve automated baby-mulching or weapons of mass kitten destruction, but Cisco is not going away. They’ll do anything (or anyone!) for a buck, and their mainstream routers are actually pretty good (as long as we’re not talking about the Tandberg/UCCE ones with all the VoiP TCL).

:rofl: Thanks! I’m #notqualifiedfortech! :rofl:

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