Chalk "Black Lives Matter" on the sidewalk, go to jail for a year

Apparently that counts as Malicious Mischief in the Third Degree, because they would

Write, paint, or draw any inscription, figure, or mark of any type on any public or private building or other structure or any real or personal property owned by any other person

I can understand a law that says when you deface other people‘s property, you have to pay for the cleaning. But if you have a problem with graffiti, calling it malicious mischief sure ain’t the way to solve it.

However, as explained in the article, in a previous case

The judge later dismissed the charge, and a federal judge has since noted that while the state’s “malicious mischief” law prohibits writing on public buildings, it does not directly address public walkways.

But I guess not all judges will see it that way.

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