Champagne bottle fights back


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The lovely people of the following region would take notice with your headline, you maker hippie avec de beaux cheveux:




Ninjas do that all the time intentionally, but then they move slightly to the side so that the bottle hits THEIR ENEMIES.


To reprise the tweet I made when this was circulating around Twitter:

If time travel existed, we’d know it, because this scene would be packed with bizarre-looking people from across the eons, come to witness this signature event.

(And we’d see the same sort of thing in the news footage of the Oregon Whale Explosion.)


it’s not champaign per say

(another favorite of mine)


More like cham-pain, amirite?


Champagne for my real friends, and real pain for my sham friends!



He has an excellent throwing technique.


Any respectable time traveller would have the sense to remain invisible. You don’t want to distract the locals and end up changing the very turn of events you came to visit. Duh.


Like rounds bouncing off tanks. Except this one is for revenge.


Thanks, Obama!


Since we seem to have gone past posting YouTube videos with spoilery animated gifs down to just posting the animated gifs… I’ll include some Youtube video goodness (not sure if this is the original or not):


The throwing reminds of a knife thrower. They give the knife 1.50 rotations, exactly as this fellow achieves.
He should be proud of himself.


I’m sorry, “somebody’s wrong on the internet,” and I can’t help pointing out that this is only exactly one rotation. He’d be holding the “knife” by the blade when he threw it.


You never expect to get caught in a bottle battle. They always just, happen.


Mynd you, Champagne møøse bites Kan be pretti nasti…


Everyone knows you need to be properly armed to take on a bottle of Champagne.


Except when you’re battling tweetle beetles.