Charges dropped against road rage shooter

I wonder same ending charges dropped if he was a black male? hmmm


Thinking of the consequences shouldn’t have a chilling effect on ones absolute right to self defense. People who spend too much time contemplating the consequences of their own actions usually end up dead. That’s what’s meant by shooting from the hip.

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Taking the video at face value, ignoring the multiple laws broken in the use of a firearm**, at least their are some DMV laws on the books that cover “reckless driving”, “endangering the public”, and “unsafe operation of a vehicle” which alone should merit a license suspension.

** Given the DA is giving a pass to “brandishing and using a firearm at/from a moving vehicle” the fundamental unsafe operation of the vehicle should still be prosecuted from the DMV laws so that “stand your ground” would at minimum result in a 5 year license suspension, otherwise “stand your ground” would be the go to excuse for deadly retaliation for having been slighted by another driver.

If I were a Florida resident, I would petition the AG to appoint a special prosecutor to pursue these DMV claims.


Kind of amazing how quickly he went from a slightly annoyed “f$%# off” to trying to blast a cap in the driver’s ass.

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Funny how the gun mongers love to use as their ad slogans the old Robert Heinlein quote, “an armed society is a polite society.” If he were alive today, Heinlein might retract or clarify the statement.


people can still be charged and convicted of murder when they didn’t mean to kill someone. there’s already many gradations in the law to handle those situations

and that’s separate from - or it should be - this case, where the person had the ability to retreat… or even do nothing at all

this takes the already questionable “castle doctrine” and even stand your ground, straight into pursuit with an intent to kill


Blockquote I mean, come on… some kind of charge here… it’s shocking.

I mean, this is Florida, so … is it really shocking ?



I think you forgot your sarcasm tag. What you’re describing is 2nd degree murder.


What the absolute F*** did I just watch? How is that man not going to prison? FFS!


… or just lie about his original intent because it hadn’t aged well, like he did with the militaristic dystopia in Starship Troopers :beetle:


Would you hinder duelling, pardon nobody that offends that way, and make the laws as severe as you can, but do not take away the thing itself, the custom of it. This will not only prevent the frequency of it, but likewise, by rendering the most resolute and most powerful cautious and circumspect in their behaviour, polish and brighten society in general. Nothing civilizes a man equally as his fear, and if not all (as my lord Rochester said), at least most men would be cowards if they durst. The dread of being called to an account keeps abundance in awe; and there are thousands of mannerly and well-accomplished gentlemen in Europe, who would have been insolent and insupportable coxcombs without it: besides, if it was out of fashion to ask satisfaction for injuries which the law cannot take hold of, there would be twenty times the mischief done there is now, or else you must have twenty times the constables and other officers to keep the peace. I confess that though it happens but seldom, it is a calamity to the people, and generally the families it falls upon; but there can be no perfect happiness in this world, and all felicity has an allay. The act itself is uncharitable, but when above thirty in a nation destroy themselves in one year, and not half that number are killed by others, I do not think the people can be said to love their neighbours worse than themselves. It is strange that a nation should grudge to see, perhaps, half-a-dozen men sacrificed in a twelvemonth to obtain so valuable a blessing, as the politeness of manners, the pleasure of conversation, and the happiness of company in general, that is often so willing to expose, and sometimes loses as many thousands in a few hours, without knowing whether it will do any good or not.

–Bernard Mandeville, 1806


And when he ran out of bullets he gave the Rick flair ‘woo!’ like he had been waiting his whole life for a chance to shoot at someone.


Good thing the GOP is cracking down on weak willed liberal prosecutors who aren’t tough enough on crime. /s

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He probably had.

There seems to be a common, and terrible, class of gun-owners who are only waiting for the right situation so they can legally kill someone, or by God at least make a honest attempt!


That video is really something. It shows the whole mindset of someone who carries a gun for no reason. It starts with him making a mistake (which he seems to recognize for a moment) but then choosing to escalate when challenged, by being a dick to a stranger. Then you immediately see his demeanour change. He wants to shoot his gun and begins preparing for it. He’s already decided he’s going to, several minutes before the “attack”. He then creates the moment for it by slowing down and arranging the situation for his “enemy” to be along side him. When he actually shoots the gun, he’s like a scared child, cringing, flailing, and flinching the entire time as though he’s never fired a gun before and clearly didn’t realize how loud and violent it would be (and how not like movies it is). He’s also so out of it that he isn’t counting his shots, as evidenced by being surprised when the clip is empty. Afterwards he’s clearly in shock, perhaps because he’s a scared manbaby, not the zombie killing badass he thought he was.

This is so many gun owners in a nutshell.


Curb Your Enthusiasm Bingo GIF by Jason Clarke

And given his cringing reaction to firing his own weapon, it looks like he’d have wet himself if the other party had returned fire.

That’s what I don’t get with these idiots. You live in the US. What makes you think the other party isn’t armed? And in this guy’s case, what if they don’t have stormtrooper aim like him?


Yeah, the whole empty the clip through his own car windows, plus the no regards for downrange ballistics. Truly unhinged.


Thius quite from the (aquitted? does the apply to those not even charged?) reckless driver is a masterclass in roid rage rationalization:

“Hindsight is 20/20. There are always things we can look back and say we wish we could have done differently. Definitely, I would have done --would be to not have pumped my brakes. I would have taken another tactic. Definitely try to de-escalate a little better,” he said.

Broham-bone, you can’t “try to de-escalate a little better” when what you did was instead to actively escalate.


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