Charitable Giving Guide 2018

Here’s a guide to the charities the Boingers support in our own annual giving. Please add the causes and charities you give to!


Take a look at Asylum Access. They help refugees outside the United States assert their legal rights in first countries of refuge, where the vast majority of refugees are located (the U.S. is rarely a refugee’s first stop). They give legal aid to individual refugees, and they also do advocacy work at the national, regional, and global level to change the policies that impact refugees’ lives. They’ve got a small team, but they’ve achieved big successes in countries like Mexico, Ecuador, Thailand, and Malaysia.


Jose Andre’s World Central Kitchen.

“World Central Kitchen, an action-based non-profit organization investing in smart solutions to hunger and poverty. Founded by Jose & his wife Patricia along with TFG parter Rob & Robin Wilder, World Central Kitchen is hard at work empowering people to be part of the solution – with focus on building “smart kitchens”, training on clean cookstoves, creating jobs, and strengthening local business. Our current work in Haiti has helped us form partnerships that now lead us to projects in Central America, South America and Africa. Learn more about World Central Kitchen”



“DC Central Kitchen develops and operates social ventures targeting the cycle of hunger and poverty.”

"By preparing adults with high barriers to employment for culinary careers and creating good, living wage jobs for our culinary graduates here at DC Central Kitchen, we target the root cause of hunger by offering pathways out of poverty. Our commitments to earning at least half our budget through social enterprise, purchasing directly from local farms, recovering otherwise wasted food, and engaging the next generation of student leaders further advance our sustainability and extend our impact throughout the food system. "

Bringing people together with food is a very charitable effort.

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I donate every year to the Legal Information Institute. You can read more about what they do at I couldn’t find any good elevator pitches on their site (they are lawyers, after all, so a bit wordy) but they are worth checking out.

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My mother and I exchange donations to Heifer International, which in addition to providing livestock that will improve individual lives, provides education that raises communities. And they recognize that educating women is the single biggest boon to community prosperity.

I also typically give to some sort of feral cat neutering organization, because I like kitties and don’t want them to breed themselves into trouble. And whatever dog rescue has recently tugged my heartstrings.

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Not to be a downer, but it’s worth checking the privacy policies of organizations to which you want to donate. Planned Parenthood, for example, will “share” your info far and wide and you will be the lucky recipient of copious amounts of junk mail. Fortunately you can write them and ask to be removed from their “sharing” list.

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