Charities to offset liberal TSA Pre-Check guilt

Question that I wasn’t sure who to ask about, and thought that the mutants may have some insight on…

I’m travelling a lot for my new job, and since a lot of the travel requires me to pass through customs (not international, technically, but US Virgin Islands, which does have a customs entry point), I have signed up for Global Entry through Customs and Border Patrol, which is a $100 background check program that gives you faster re-entry privileges. It also gives you TSA Pre-Check, which is the faster security line at airports, which has no porno-scanner, and you can keep your shoes and jacket on.

I interpret this as a bribe I’m paying to get myself back to an “innocent until proven guilty” security policy. I have liberal guilt about this, because I know that this should be a universal feature for US Citizens and Permanent Residents, but because I can afford it, and am of an easily accepted race and gender, I can take advantage of this convenience where others cannot.

To assuage myself, I’m looking for some non-profits that advocate on behalf of people who have been illegally detained during travel, put on watch lists for ethnic or religious reasons, fight TSA policy in general, etc.

So far, I’ve heard of the Sikh Coalition ( which advocates on behalf of Sikh people (who are frequently targeted because of their custom of wearing a turban), and of course the ACLU.

Does anyone have any other non-profits in mind that I should look into supporting? Any groups doing anything interesting with regards to freedom-of-travel?

Oh! Of course.
How long before the offer to pre-check everyone is snapped up? Of course, the infrastructure has already been put in place. Now to just bully, inconvenience and profile everyone until they are frustrated enough to acquiesce.
Which do you value more; convenience or privacy?

[the universal ‘you’]

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