TSA lines grow to 3 hours, snake outside the terminals, with no end in sight

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When security theater makes the situation more insecure. The waiting masses are an excellent target for a bomb, more packed than in Brussels two months ago.


They must be getting more applications for PRE… A friend was just told that the earliest that he could get an interview was in 3 months (Los Angeles)

Edit: as @nomoretsa11 pointed out, he is likely applying for Global Entry…


Come on, it’s also a jobs program!


Long lines for security screening is a feature, not a bug.

Working as intended, comrade.



Long lines at security, horrifically uncomfortable seats, sitting on the tarmac for hours, $$$ to check a suitcase, etc, etc…

Why is it again that I won’t fly unless I have to cross salt water to get where I need to go?


I went with Global Entry, which includes TSA Pre✓ ®. The application process is slightly more complex and the fee higher, but you get not only a KTN, but also a government-issued ID card. The Card is only needed at certain land border crossings, but is handy as a Real-ID compliant ID (my home state does not participate in Real ID).

Even if you have TSA Pre✓ ®, not every airline participates at every airport, so paying for the privilege does not guarantee a faster security screening experience. For example, Spirit never participates in TSA Pre.

Yes, I’d prefer to just avoid flying at all rather than pay for the privilege of avoiding invasive screening, but my job requires air travel.


The Friendly Skies!



So I’m supposed to pay $85 for the privilege of not being treated like a terrorist? Fuck that. We are all terrorists.


Sure it was Pre and not Global Entry? Those wait times are awful.


I was at DIA (Denver International Airport) yesterday afternoon, and while, yes, it’s still security theatre, it wasn’t nearly as bad as they say. Yeah, it was a Monday afternoon the first week in May, but still, there was barely any wait, it looked like it took longer to walk the roped lines than to get through the rest of security (I wasn’t ticketed so I couldn’t experience it myself, and I’m more of a train guy anyway, which is why I was at DIA yesterday anyway, trying out Denver’s new commuter rail line).

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Now you’re talking!


Discouraging people from flying surely put the expensive improvements to the Air Traffic Control system off a couple decades.


I´m probably lucky to be able to say that, but flying in the U.S. is one of the most unpleasant things I have experienced. I would seriously opt for a dentist´s appointment or a bareknuckle fistfight instead.


Ya probably global entry.

I’d rather spend the extra 40 and just subscribe to The Economist, so at least the actual terrorists and I are using the same facts.


I think you are confusing the Global Entry card with the passport card. The GE card is needed for expedited kiosk screening at US Customs in airports, and requires a background check and interview. The passport card is an add-on to your regular passport, requires no additional screening, and is only useful at land border crossings. It’s meant to be more convenient than the passport book for people who live in border communities. As far as I know the GE card is useless at land crossings, but I’ve never had occasion to try. Regardless you definitely want the GE card with you when returning from overseas by plane.

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@doctorow, you convinced me. I’m going to sign up for Pre-Check.

Do you have an affiliate code that I should use?



Therein is the flaw. Totally an off peak time.
The worst peak times I’ve seen are Monday first flight and Thursday/Friday late in the day. While these times tend to have the most experienced travelers, they’re also very full flights (lots of commuters/consultants). Fridays to and late Sundays from tourism markets also tend to be bad
You want to avoid crowds? Try late evening flights…I fly a lot of last flights of the day (domestic mid-haul that arrive near midnight and international long haul) and love security lines after 7 or 8pm.

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