Charming animated short on The Power of Privacy

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Charming, To say the least.


Sure, privacy can still exist. But I think it is often an arena where power imbalances play out. It is one of the few areas I am absolutist about. I think it’s fine if everybody has privacy, or if nobody does. But I think those are the only fair options.

I wonder why the animation included Korean in that one scene.

사업 비밀: business secret.

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Exactly. And I don’t like how many politicians like to use “privacy” as a shield against the public finding out what conflicts of interest they may have.


If everyone is equal than everything should be out in the open, however no one is equal.

I wonder why the animation included Korean

Korea in the 2010s is Japan in the 1990s for geeky types. If Weezer started today this would have been the cover art for Pinkerton;

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