Dave Pell on "The Flight of the Zuckerberg"


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  1. I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again. The only privacy policy that matters is your own.

I’m not sure i agree. I have a level of control over what i choose to share, but it is in my best interest that other people’s privacy is protected because that determines the baseline of how much privacy i can expect to have.


The guy from CA, his pen name for his academic research was apparently Aleksandyr Spectre.



There’s probably a lesson in that…

Americans are just awakening to the fact that our Democracy & Government were hijacked by this deviant money grubbing weasel.


Clearly this guy doesn’t D&D

  1. If Facebook really manipulates our thoughts, they must want us to be really pissed at Facebook…

Everybody who has ever cast a Charm Person spell knows that the moment the spell breaks, the affected target becomes aware of being charmed and they usually aren’t happy about it.

Often stabby things are involved, which may explain the reluctance to make statements in public.


Stupidly dismissive, this guy’s snark is good but he think’s he’s smarter than he really is.


Really? You really think you have control there? How often do the methods of ‘control’ change? Are you really this stupid??


Of course we have too high an estimate of our own collective intelligence to accept the idea that clown-ass schumucks are controlling out minds.


The deal is that they know that you don’t share and if you do it is prolly largely digital façade.

But those collecting and analyzing sure do like to see what everyone in your exposed networks sells, buys, shits and says. And those collectors can get a pretty good idea of you from your network.


Not at all like reality, where people will furiously deny they were charmed, and insist they were right all along.




You’ve largely explained why other people’s privacy matters, not just your own. Think of it as herd immunity, if i’m vaccinated that doesn’t help if everyone else is sick.


Sadly, in real life supervillains seldom live up to the image they ought to project considering the amount of evil they do.


Please stop the eye-mouths.


  1. For a company that has dealt with this issue in the past, it’s surprising how poorly they handled the crisis management. The only way Zuck could have handled it worse is by paying a porn star to sign an NDA and purchasing a rare Wu Tang Clan album.


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