Robert Scoble "so tired of the privacy advocates"




Did a 40-something ginger just try to peer pressure me?


I think “empathy deficit” could probably describe why we have about 90% of the problems we have in modern society.

But yeah, glad he’s interested in having all of his info available for data mining - good for him. Many of us are not. I think we can probably find a happy middle ground between data mining and being completely anonymous, and setting up various social spaces online to find a workable compromise.


If our current understanding of database mining, and it’s continued improvement on probability calculations, eventually facebook will start showing you ads for coffins, and you’ll know without any doubt you’re about to die.

This is, apparently, a benefit to this man; but others enjoy the surpise.


“Better ads”? what the hell?

Actually, that’s when I knew this was a joke.
It IS a joke isn’t it?


Frankly, I want privacy for myself and this guy.


The least interesting person on the internet doesn’t care about privacy. Shocking.


Scoble is an idiot, why would anyone care about what he thinks ?


I’d be curious to know how many products Scoble – or any one he knows – have purchased specifically because of an online ad.


Isn’t this parody? I sure hope it is.


Just wait until some anonymous 4chan doxers decide to test his commitment to the anti-privacy stance.


So, using an ad blocker is destroying my life?


Yes, Scoble is a parody of John C. Dvorak.


Yep. Life destroyed. Let’s just sit here in misery with our less cluttered, faster-loading web. Poor us. What will we ever do?


As that hypothetically describes both myself and Scoble, this is most certainly the case.


I gave up on Scoble a long time ago[1], roughly when he was babbling about how important “social media” was but not actually saying anything of any actual interest. He likes to use words like “engagement” a lot, which does suggest he may have a case of cranio-rectal insertion.

The notion of “better ads” is interesting. My brain refuses to notice the ones that AdBlock doesn’t, err, block.

He does seem moderately silly, and not in an endearing or amusing way…

[1] In internet time. Currently anything over a month, though in Scoble’s case, it was probably longer.


Some people enjoy being seduced, even when they know that they’re being seduced.


Ugh, I initially had a more cogent response, but after reading his post and responses to comments, all I can think now is: Christ, what an asshole.


I feel like this is just the setup. We’ll get the punchline in a few years.


The idea of “better ads” (from the receiver’s point of view) is odd, but the idea that he actually believes that they “improve his life” is utterly baffling.