Do you really trade your privacy for service on Facebook?


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I’m actually more curious what they have on people who have never created an account.

I’ve never signed up for the site, and I’m sure they still know way too much about me. I used the internet for a long time before setting up a blocker for those “Like” buttons that show up everywhere.


facebook is a threat that needs to be contained. It has some great features and functions but should not be trusted to act honorably.


Everything you said, me too. Facebook keeps reminding me not to join, every time another story comes out about their egregious behavior, doing the exact thing they got caught doing last year and swore to never do again.

You know all those dudes who thought Ashley Madison was a great idea? Some day we’re going to talk about Facebook users the same way.


I used to be on Facebook but dropped it when it started to delete posts I posted ( it kept deleting posts from Boing Boing., for example. I got around that by posting the original links, but then they started deleting half of those.) The last straw was when they would not allow me to delete suggestions of games they posted on my account.


I used to be on Facebook until it axed my account for being a fakester. :confused:


Don’t worry, they did you a favor.


But they still have my datas. :stuck_out_tongue:


Could you send them a photoshopped ID, “proving” your claimed identity is “real”?


Doesn’t that just verify his data and put his deets in a more valuable tier?


It “proves” that his chosen identity is “real”, as far as the Facebook identity-check procedures care. Most if not all of the physical anticounterfeiting markers are neutralized by the scanning.


I am sure many people do this. They also wanted phone number and all that crap. No thanks.


Youtube also wants a phone number. When I tried last, it insisted on the number and the way to work around was not working anymore.


I noticed that recently as well, but isn’t that only for longer video uploads?


In my case it was a new account, and it asked just after pressing the upload button, before even selecting the file.

What do they need it for?


Interesting. I thought it was for the bigger uploads, not any uploads.

They want our personal data. Also, I think they verify your numbers too. Lame.


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