No identity theft protection for latest Facebook hack victims


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My guess is their excuse is that all the information could be collected by public records or by talking to people (no SSN, credit card, etc.).

Once upon a time it was very expensive to “mine” the data of an individual. Data is a little like plastic now- super cheap and all over the place!


But isn’t “identity theft protection” pretty much a sham anyway?


This blows me away:

No shiteyes, I deleted my Facebook account last month for precisely this reason. And now you won’t tell me if I was affected unless I resurrect my account? [TABLEFLIP]


Their caring was a facade from the very beginning.


Their business model has always been to extract this information and sell it, it’s really quite understandable that they don’t consider someone else doing the same a serious infraction. All they seem to care about is that someone is stealing from their bottom line, not the users.


If only there were another way to maintain minimal engagement with relatives/friends so I wouldn’t have to worry about seeing them as much #IntrovertProblems


Good insight. The company culture is so pervasive that it can’t help but bleed out into everything they do.


Ugh, totally. I miss the real, genuine sharing from my friends and family a lot. The ugly, lie sharing, gullible, right wing asshole-edness stupidity, not at all.

I can’t even cut a onion without thinking about the stupid article my aunt posted about how “onions draw toxins out of the air, so never use a cut onion more than x hours old, blah blah blah.” Or the one about how Oklahoma is a model state, run by Republicans. The incurious minds of the general public bring me close to despair sometimes.


Yeah, that’s why I block a lot of my relatives feeds; save sanity. Fortunately my Mum’s usually safe, so I can comment on her stuff to maintain visibility with the rest :B


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