Charter/Spectrum sold customers expensive home security systems, then killed the program and left them high and dry

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Like the original Nest got bricked when Google took over, and like “Plays for Sure” evaporated when Microsoft decided not to support it, and like …

There’s a reason that I have an absolute rule against buying or even using for “free” any “appliance” that depends on someone else’s servers. That includes my recent dumbed-down Samsung TV/monitor, which in theory doesn’t need a device to access Net-based content and in theory can play hub in place of other devices and in theory can use my Android phone as a smart remote.

Thanks, no. In theory it also doesn’t spy on me using the microphone, camera, and network gateway functions. I’m sure that there’s nothing but interest in my well-being that those functions can’t be used without signing a long small-print EULA giving Samsung access to everything I do.

I’m just not a very trusting person, I guess.


customers were never warned that the service would be discontinued and their equipment rendered useless.

The business model of the future, ladies and gentlemen. Best get used to it.


I’m looking at thermostats to replace the olden mercury one we have. The user experience has improved on the wifi models, but I look at each one and wonder how many years before the company pulls the plug on the mothership and the all fancy features go away. (At least it should still work as a thermostat, and I’d be connecting it to a honeypot Raspberry Pi to reverse-engineer the mothership protocol.)

I might get a low end wifi unit anyway. It comes with a 4-wire to C-wire interface. (It’s tempting to pull out the rats’ nest the builder installed and replace it with proper 18/5 HVAC, but only mildly tempting.)

You would think so, wouldn’t you? My experience with Samsung suggests that might be something to check before you buy. As in, put it in a Faraday cage and see how it is to set up, adjust, etc. and if it actually works that way.

Or, if you buy one, don’t give it access to your network. If it doesn’t work then, return it as defective.


We got Spectrum here in Austin, replacing Time Warner. It was a bit better as far as I could tell, but that’s damning with faint praise. Eh, I don’t even have a TV anymore and my ISP is basically The University of Texas, so, fuck 'em

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We are om-nee-potent!

Oh, hell no, kick that shit to the kerb! :face_with_monocle:

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On the plus side if you don’t disconnect it they can still see inside your home.
Thanks TRUMP.

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