Chase customers have ONE MONTH left to opt out of binding arbitration

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Thanks for the reminder. I’m one of the chase customers that got the opt-out arbitration letter and I forgot to mail a response. Now I will. Or I guess I could just cancel the card and tell them that its because of the binding arbitration bullshit.

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Sent mine in. No response yet.

I half expect it to get sent back.

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I can’t remember if I opted out or not. If I already did, but now I opt out again, will that make it a double negative kind of situation where I’m accidentally opted back in?


Thanks for posting this. I caught the notice in Chase’s mailing and mailed our rejections. I hoped more customers would too.

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Does anyone know of a good opt-out form letter template for forced arbitration? It looks like this is Becoming A Thing.

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So…if you get a new Chase card, is forced arbitration included? Can you opt out of that?

How the hell can they do this? Or really, why didn’t they do this much earlier? Maybe they let enough time after Congress’ action pass so that people would forget about the issue?

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Dear Chase,

I hereby opt out of forced arbitration as described in your recent missive.

Furthermore, should you ever force arbitration again in the future, I am opting out of that as well.

In other words, I am opting out of forced arbitration FOR FUCKING EVER.

Yours sincerely,
Brigadier Arthur Gormanstrop (Mrs.)


on the same day, the little credit-union that holds our mortgage sent me a notice telling me they were going to impose binding arbitration unless I sent them a written notice

How does it work when your bank (or credit union) sells your mortgage to somebody else? When my mortgage was being sold I don’t think I was ever given a chance to block the sale or reject the terms of the new processor.

I do send these kinds of opt-out letters, and I also include a line that I perpetually opt-out, no matter what changes they make in the future. Glad you included this, @KingGhidorah.

IANAL, but I believe that the terms of your mortgage contract cannot change. The buyer of your paper has to take the contract as-is. But again, I’m not a lawyer.

I just upgraded my one chase card (totally new card, but I have two), and the notice about arbitration was on the old one. I presume this means I signed up for it on the new card. I sent both card numbers in the mail anyways.

Doing my letter right now.
But typing out the address reminded me that the letter’s going to Delaware thanks in large part to the efforts of Mr. States Rights, Old Joe Biden.

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