Chase credit cards quietly reintroduce the binding arbitration clauses they were forced to eliminate a decade ago

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On the agenda, thanks for the reminder. The text made it sound like this was part and parcel of becoming JP Morgan Chase.


I wonder if the new Apple credit card will force binding arbitration.

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Yes! Thank you, @doctorow for following and raising the issue of binding arbitration (and its evil twin, removal of class action rights) and adhesion contracts in general. They are everywhere, and I’m not sure why people aren’t raising this as the important issue it really is.

I commented about it here last week, and even talked about what was mentioned here wrt the opt out provision, specifically, that in order to opt out, or even “send notice”, it has to be done in a most manual and inconvenient fashion (ie, postal mail). But of course, the organization can send notices electronically, in a most convenient manner.


Can someone whip up one of those heroku apps that automates this process for us?

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Could at least be used to generate the letter.

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The letter needs your account number. An app is not a great idea. Just list out the requred info, say you decline the arbitration agreement, and send it in.


This is for all Chase cards… I just got my notice


I’d suggest registered mail, so you have a record of it having been received…


Here’s a sample letter to get you started:

Chase Customer Service
P.O. Box 15298
Wilmington, DE 19850-5298

Your Firstname Lastname
Street Address
City, State ZIPCODE

Regarding: Rejecting Chase Binding Arbitration Agreement

To Whom It May Concern:

Please note that I REJECT the Chase Binding Arbitration Agreement effective August 11, 2019. Please confirm receipt of this rejection and annotate my account(s) appropriately.

Name: Firstname Lastname
Account Number(s): 4147-2222-3333-4444, 1234-5678-9012-2342
Billing Address: 124 Address Street, City, State ZIPCODE
Signature: (Actually sign here)

Thank you for your attention to this matter,
Firstname Lastname


Thanks for this. I have an Amazon Chase card and just got an email about the arbitration.

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Also: make sure to change the effective date to the one mentioned in your email.

Another reason I’m glad I no longer have any credit cards.

I find myself so weirded out by data collection by CC issuers I try to move most of my discretionary spending to cash

interestingly i find i spend a lot less on sundries this way, so i put it in a jar to take back to the bank. i’m probably going to buy an xbox to play blu rays and a 4k tv with the money i’m saving from pausing when i would have bought a coffee or another round of drinks

This could bite you if you need an auto or home loan. I’d recommend keeping at least 1 card to buy groceries with and paying it off each month.

I haven’t received an email/letter and I have some Chase cards!..or maybe I deleted it without reading, ugh.

Wife and I just got our notices and sent in our letters.

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This is good, although I would replace “To Whom It May Concern” with “Oh, You Thieving Assholes”.

Another advantage (for guys): Reduces chance of sciatica (for those who put their wallets in their back pocket).

If possible, close your Chase accounts now. Your life will be better.