Cheap iPhone screen protectors are the best

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If you’re looking for a case (as opposed to a screen protector) I highly recommend OtterBox.

Yeah, they’re expensive, but worth it. My phone once came loose from my bicycle handlebars when I was going at speed and smashed down onto the pavement. No damage at all. (I have since replaced the handlebar mount with a better one.)


Spiggen cases are pretty good too. They aren’t as indestructible as an otter box, but they’re very light weight compared to their ability to protect from drops well.


Regarding screen protectors I’ve had some pretty bad cheap ones that crack with in a week just from subtle “bending and flexing” in my pocket. I didn’t have the best luck with Amfilm, but spiggen’s are available in a 2 pack for $12 which isn’t bad and they last for months before cracks form. They are now my fav’s even if a bit kore expensive. Other off brands to look out for are Manto and MMIZOO.

Belkkn and the like that love to charge $30 for single a screen protector for are fucking nuts though. There is zero justification for their prices.

How do these compare to clear packing tape? I had the (cracked) screen on one phone taped for months pending repair, considered just sticking with it post-repair over buying a screen protector.

I second the Otterbox case love. A few years back, my phone tumbled out of my jacket pocket just as I was closing my car door. It got trapped between the door and the frame, and the door jammed enough that I couldn’t open it from the inside. Expecting the worst, I exited the passenger side, opened the door from the outside… and found my phone intact and working just fine, with only a thin line creased into the rubber case as evidence that it had happened. I love Otterbox cases!

I don’t have as much experience with screen protectors, though I used an Omotion brand protector on my old Kindle. I was grateful for it when I knocked it off the arm of my chair and stepped directly on the screen. (I was removing my boot and didn’t see it underfoot.) Oddly, the protector stayed intact while the screen underneath cracked… but the device was and is still functional. So I don’t know if I’d completely recommend it or not; it sort-of worked, but sort-of didn’t.


I got a OnePlu 7T phone over a year ago and was using 3rd party (glass) screen protectors on it at first, but switched to the pricier official screen protector.

There is something about the screen (the side curves) that made it “hit or miss” for the generic screen protectors.

The official OnePlus protector was not cheap to order online and ship to NZ, but the ease of application made it worth the cost. Came with an alignment bracket and the protector would fit the screen correctly.

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