Saved by a tempered glass screen protector, again

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@jlw’s daughter proving there is an extreme end of the phone breaking probability curve.


srly. I’ve got an iphone 5 I got in nov. '12. No case, screen covers, nothing. Just put it in my pocket and go. It actually seems to be pretty durable.


Congratulations on being more coordinated, and perhaps responsible, than a 9-year-old. ALL HAIL YOU


oh well yeah that explains a lot. never mind what I said above then…


Give her one of these and forego the screen protector all together.else…

but don’t blame me when the robo phone wars start…


These “protectors” are much much more fragile than the Gorilla Glass in most phones so finding a cracked protector gives absolutely no info on whether it “saved” the phone (and it probably didn’t).

Not that I doubt you, but do you have a source for this?

The best ressource is probably Corning, the maker of Gorilla Glass. Note that if Tempered glass (or even layering in a secondary layer a la protector) was better than using Gorilla Glass, that’s when manufacturers would do. Gorilla Glass is more expensive but also much tougher.

Then what’s the excuse for all the adults that need these things?

I think it has something to do with paying for health care.


Maybe so, but a tempered glass screen gives a layer of prophylactic protection to scratches as well as shattering.

If you keep your phone in your pocket all day with other items, even gorilla glass gets scratched. When you have a cheap screen protector on you can change it out every few months and keep the base layer completely scratch free, which is a must if you’re using it for VR.


The fact that tempered glass breaks and the underlying gorilla glass doesn’t does not prove that the protector protected anything.

I’ve got some elephant protector for people in north america that is working incredibly. No elephants have accosted me.


Screen protectors are like the disposable toilet seat covers some people want to have to sit down on public toilets. The believers in toilet seat covers tell us that otherwise you’re get GERMS, then they’ll go back to their grody keyboards that have 50 times the germ population. Toilet seat covers and screen protectors make some people happier but give no real benefit.

I’ve been keeping my work and personal phones in my pockets for years. Never used any screen protectors on my phones (all gorilla glass equipped and never a scratch) but they apply “screen protectors” to my work phones that I’ve scratched/cracked twice. Same treatment, the only difference being that the glass on the “protectors” is clearly weaker than Gorilla glass. If you want to use disposable toilent seat covers, go ahead, but don’t pretend that that’s solving any real problem.

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Welcome. I think you’ll fit in here just fine.


But, but, but, it’s their own germs!

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I take it you don’t carry a Zippo in the same pocket as your phone on a daily basis? By the end of its life cycle, the lens on the camera of my old S3 was so scratched it could no longer take clear photos; there wasn’t a scratch on the screen itself but I had replaced the screen guard several times.

I recently upgraded to a second hand S7 and it has a tiny scratch in the screen that’s very visible when using a Gear VR. If the previous owner had used a screen guard, that wouldn’t be there.


Well, I just ordered this for my wife. She broke her 2nd phone screen last week, and the nice people at asurion (who insured the phone) sent us three nonfunctioning refurbs before we got a good one. What an ordeal.


I broke my first two iPhones. Screen on a 3G (possibly 3GS, I don’t remember), back on a 4.

Since then, I’ve been good with naked phones (one even slipped into the oven while BAKING A TURKEY, under a hot element, but I rescued it without issue.

They’re not tanks but they’re pretty resilient. What I’ve found, too, is that if you get a “bumper” style case that raises the front edge above the display, that makes a HUGE difference in likely screen strikes if you drop it. I went back to a case on my 6S and it’s saved me from a couple drops onto tile that may otherwise have done the screen in.


I don’t carry my phone in the same pocket as hardened tool bits or cut diamonds either.

“Doctor, it hurts when I do this!”
“So don’t do that.”

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