Yay for glass iPhone screensavers!

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I am gong to echo again that these are a good deal. I am still on the first of two. I have a few chips/cracks on the edges (I think it is from my knife clip if I put the phone in my front pocket facing towards it. I don’t do that anymore.

In a past thread there was questions as whether this was tempered glass or not, and I do believe it is. While two of the spots made small chips, vs spidering, I think it was just how it hit and the crack was able to run the length of the small corners. I had another one form on the side, and it spidered more like one would expect tempered glass to do.

I get chips from grinding on the sides of the bevel’d edge and spiderlines from hits to the surface…

it isn’t a big deal, but i usually call them “screen protectors” which is the more common name for them as screensavers are software programs intended to prevent screen burn in. The box and listing you link to both refer to them as screen protectors as well. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Yeah, really. This is a glass screensaver

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that type of glass is used for preventing burn-out not burn-in. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I suspect that the number of times one of these has actually saved someone’s screen is much lower than those who swear by screen protectors will suggest. The screen protectors are likely far less durable than the screen itself, so not every fall which breaks the protector would necessarily have broken the screen.

I have never used screen protectors and only used cases for a short period, and have never suffered a crack which actually affects the display (only a few nicks around the edges), despite my phone(s) taking some nasty tumbles over the years. Then again, when I handed off an old phone to my brother after 2 years with no cracks, he’d shattered the whole thing within a week.

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needs more toasters


My anecdote is replacing an iPad screen, twice, for a 4 and 6 year old within one year, and that was with a padded bumper case and a use limit of about 4-5 hours a week. Apply one screen protector (SO DISAPPOINT, JLW :wink: ) and the thing is still running fine with the kids at 6 and 8. Yes, there was a learning curve on their end, but it was the older one both times it broke. Kid is still rough on the thing, but since my rush to fix it never materialized, and I let them believe it wasn’t coming back after the second time… even a 6 year old can learn to be nicer to a thing if its a thing they want.

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Screensaver is indeed something else. I thought that this was news about jwz porting xscreensaver to iphone.


Not sure I have this same brand, but I will never be without a glass screen protector on my phone. I’ve used them on both iPhone and Android and I’m not sure I’ve ever needed it, but I feel better with it. Also they appear to be more oleophobic than the screen itself; my phone screen rarely gets fingerprints, while my protector-less iPad (it has a good case) looks like a dusted crime scene within minutes.

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