Tempered glass screen protector for my iPhone 7 plus

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It’s a scam. They all are. If screen protectors worked, they’d make the screens out of them.*



Recently switched to tempered glass protector for my Nexus 6P, after using plastic protectors since the very first G1. HOLY CRAP Why did I not switch before? Seriously night and day. The lack of light scattering/smearing/rainbowing that you get with the plastic ones is so fantastic. And running fingers across the smooth glass is superior to the plastic feel in pretty much every way. The tiny lip on my phone case raises above the glass just slightly, so I don’t even experience the “dropoff” at the edges.

I’m a complete convert.


Well this entirely depends on the phone. I’ve had cheaper Android phones in the past and you certainly could scratch the screen on them, so a protector was a good investment. However my LG G3 has some type of tempered glass screen, you know pretty much what a glass screen protector is made out of, and it looks brand new after a year of use.

I’ve seen some reports that the additional glass coupled with the glue helps limit flex and shattering of the glass screen in some phones if you drop them just right (mostly corner drops). I think a good case would do more to protect the phone than a thin sheet of glass but I guess it depends on the person. At this point I wouldn’t buy another screen protector as long as the screen on my phone was as hard as the glass protector itself.


Actually, tempered glass screen protectors are amazing. The idea behind them is that when you drop your phone they will break instead of your phone’s screen breaking. I’ve been using them for years, and I’ve broken a few screen protectors but never my phone’s screen. (I started using said protectors because dropped my phone once and shattered the screen to the point the digitizer wouldn’t register) The plastic protectors are basically useless, however, other than protecting against scratches. A tempered glass screen protector will do way more for your phone than a case will, and they’re less bulky.


As a rule I don’t really like screen protectors but I consider them a necessary evil because I’m terrified of my phone screen getting scratched. I’m not worried about breaking so much since I keep my phone in a (good) case.

Recently, I got my first glass screen protector for my phone and it’s great. Unlike the traditional plastic screen protectors, the glass screen protectors feel completely smooth with no “dragging” feel which was always my main gripe with plastic screen protectors.

I have one of the Belkin glass screen protectors on my phone. At Apple Stores, they have this slick little machine that can apply the Belkin screen protectors which means they are perfectly aligned, every time, and greatly reduces the risk of schmutz getting under the protector when it’s applied. I’m super OCD about this so this is a huge bonus.

One downside to glass is that it can chip (especially at the corners) if you’re not a little careful with it unlike plastic which will just bubble or peel.


I put butter on the screen, so it always lands face up.


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You just got got Modusoperandi-ed.

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I hated the butter smears and taped my phone on the back of a cat instead


You may not value your immortal soul, but you won’t find me practicing ritual sacrifice in order to protect my tech. I just clean my screen with consecrated anti-sin wipes to deliver an aura of protection without risking damnation.


Most surfaces that people drop phones on are flat which means a corner will take the hit not the screen.

Also depends on the quality of the glass screen protector. Some are cheap crap.

True story: While I was in my local cell phone store buying a new phone, a woman came in with her phone. Said her son had grabbed it, was swinging it around and threw it to the floor and the tempered glass screen protector broke.

While I was there they removed the broken protector, put a new protector on… good as new.

I had one put on my new phone then and there. They’re thicker than the plastic stickers (maybe 0.2 mm) so the switch feels slightly more indented. But the feel for touch and swiping, the clarity and everything else is so much better than plastic.

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Also, are these really “glass”? I thought they were a super tough plastic.

Yes, they are incredibly thin sheets of tempered glass. Yes, they will snap if you bend them too much.


Not bad, $8 isn’t as crazy as the $35 that was quoted for these when they first came out around the launch of the iPhone 6.

$35 gets you the Zagg warranty.i used it with some of the plastic film guards they sold and the process was not terrible to get a replacement. $8 for two is pretty great.

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I have this brand on my HTC Android phone. It’s great. I’ve never had an issue with a screen breaking on any android phone (AHEM) but they have gotten scratches. I hate plastic screen protectors so I never use em. But this: it is great although my one complaint is that it seems to get smudgy a bit more quickly than if I were just using the phone itself. None the less, after lots of wear and tear, there’s not a scratch on it.

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