Cheap iPhone


Where can I get that $99 dollar iPhone without a bloody expensive 2-year contract?


Yeah, the actual price is NOT $99.

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Que the apple faithful on how plastic is in no way an inferior material for phones and where did you get that crazy idea from?

Oh and our plastic is way better than your plastic.


Are you suggesting they have played this out before? The same with going from a curvy case to a more serious square corner case. Running through the variations with professional ease.

Nice comparison with the video. It really hits the spot.

But both those phones are sure purty. They should just put Ive in charge of the whole thing.

Looks like a Nokia/Microsoft Phone!

SUPA KAWAII!!! That’s really all I can think to say.

Good deal if someone didn’t get a 5.
5S not worth it (to me) as an upgrade from the 5. Anyone with a 4 or 4S that wants to upgrade, either is a no brainer. In fact, the 5C is kind of a bargain.
All this assuming you want a contract. I have one, and won’t ever give it up because I still get unlimited data and a corp discount for mine so my bill is 63 a month…

At $550 off contract (compared to $650 for the 5S), or $2000 on contract compared to $2100 for the 5S this is stunningly expensive. Why would you not pay $100 for for the much better one unless you want to color coordinate it with your crocs?


You need the contract either way, so it’s kind of a moot point when talking about the phone. If you don’t want phone service, get an iPod touch. And yes, smartphone cell plans are a monstrous ripoff, everybody knows.

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Hmm. I’ve been reading a bit of buzz about buying a no contract Nokia Lumia 520 or 620 as a good bargain. Might not be the trendy thing but if you’ve got an AT&T or TMobile SIM card it will work like a charm. But for me, I left contracts more than a year ago. Best choice I ever made.

Anyone here using a Firefox phone? I was thinking of going that route but haven’t made up my mind yet. The Ubuntu phone OS also looks like a contender for my attention. I don’t care about getting something a little wonky or underpowered if it feels like my own device and not some slimy corporate tentacle.

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That was my thought - those are the (puke, 1960s kitchen) WIndows logo colors! And anyway, I want purple.

I remember my shock when people started comparing the colors of their Handspring Palm-clones. “My god. They’ve discovered Geek Chic.”

It wasn’t that long ago. Of course now that it isn’t just geeks carrying auxilliary brains…

$100 for just 16 more gigabytes? Wow.

I heard of a nifty new thing called ‘paint’ or some such.

A few years back my wife and I got matching HTC Incredible phones. To avoid confusion, I picked a snazzy metallic red bottle of her fingernail polish and went at the back cover of my phone with a vengeance. Worked great, and was surprisingly durable. I’d do that again in a heartbeat.

Nail polish works surprisingly well as a general modding paint for … stuff! I wanted to camo up some of our Nerf Super Soakers and blue nail polish worked a treat. Waterproof, and way more durable than I expected too.

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Excellent! And there are some truly groovy colors available, too. I’m a little embarrassed I didn’t think to use fingernail polish for these purposes earlier than I did. The first time was… well, back in the mid 90s I owned a truly craptacular 1978 Ford Mustang II. 4 cylinder, metallic blue, total beater. I carved a sunroof using a Sawzall. And I used a few neon colors of fingernail polish on the faux-wood instrument panel, giving it an extra-groovy Peter Max vibe. Man, I wish I had pictures of that.