Cheap, simple strap for therapeutic stretching of my lower back


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Thanks @jlw, I think I will give this a shot. I stretch all day long in my chair, and this might help me out. I keep wanting to loop something around my toe so I can stretch the calf out more.


I stretch when I get into bed and before I get out. Seems to help stave off the hobbled mornings.


My body is in a constant war with itself to crumple my left leg into the fetal position. Your nerves tend to tense the muscles when in pain.


They sure do, and I feel your pain. I wish our meat suits came with an owner’s manual, service plan, and the occasional lease return/upgrade :grinning:

I am on all the meds this mortal coil can handle, and as @jlw rightly points out, stretching is both most practical, best, and has the longest term positive effects. Still carping sucks though.


I am waiting for robot legs. I only need one, but why not get a matching set.


best bet unless you like walking in circles.

also good for classy bar pickup lines…
“hey hot stuff, wanna see my “real leg”?”


Wait, can I get a really great portrait of my legs and stick it in an attic somewhere?


That is for aid climbing. They are called étriers.


Those straps are great for stretching out hamstrings. You should not stretch the low back.

Look up Stuart McGill for evidence based studies showing what you should do to minimize or eliminate back pain. He’s a professor of kinesiology in Canada who has done a lot of research and published several books on what to do about back pain. Stretching the low back is a bad idea, it causes more inflammation.


Actually looks more like a daisy chain.

Étriers have much larger “pockets”, as they are meant to be used as steps.

ETA: Emphasis on “looks”. The item pictured appears to be sewn in such a way that if used as a daisy chain, a failure could cause the attached carabiner to rip through. Or to put it simply: Not designed as climbing gear. Do not use as such.


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