Cheap Thrills: a movie that's like a twisted Alfred Hitchcock Presents epsiodes


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Starring Cory Doctorow?


Seriously. EVERY time I see a still from this film I do a double-take.

My advice is to SKIP THE TRAILER, as it spoils way too much. Just watch it. It’s a great, fun ride.

Sounds a lot like 13 Beloved, a Thai film. (There was supposed to be an American remake of that film out by now. Perhaps its absence is for the best.)

Of course there is an Alfred Hitchcock TV episode with a somewhat related plot. Anyone remember the one with Steve McQueen and Peter Lorre? SPOILERS FOLLOW.

Lorre eventually convinces McQueen to bet a finger against Lorre’s car that he can’t get his lighter to work ten times in a row. The police interrupt the bet, which is just as well. McQueen’s lighter eventually fails, and the car isn’t even Lorre’s–it belongs to the three-fingered woman.

Say, that’s based on a Roald Dahl short story.

Oh yeah - and that leads to the only watchable segment from Four Rooms.

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