Steamer trunk with built-in minibar


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Bertie Wooster would love this.


I never mix my violin case bar and steamer trunk. How gauche.


Good GD, that is an excellent movie.


I love it (LOVE IT), but the wife (who otherwise loves John Patrick Shanley) sees a lot of structural issues and thinks it’s a little too open about its intentions.

That said, Ossie Davis, amirite?!


Can’t watch it now, but I love his line: “So you got no clothes!”


“I just drive the car, I’m not here to tell you who you are.”


Looks nice, but also heavy as hell and seems to come branded with regrettable spirits. (If it had laphroig, on the other hand…)


Yeah, then had it off to those goons at Delta.


Imagine what the TSA would do to it.


18K? What a steal!

BTW: 18K gets me a double JimBeam at my local dive bar 3600 times, Oh my liver!


Aw…beat me to the Joe vs. Volcano reference.

Very exciting…as a luggage problem!


I had one a beat up vintage trunk like that which I used as a coffee table. it was missing most of the accessories. But it still had the ice bucket, which strangely enough is made of heavy glass and silvered like a mirror. I have always kept it as a pencil holder.


Pretty cool!

I just might get one or two for my my exclusive heritage dog (designer dogs are 4 noobs & for the poors & mids) to complement her gold iWatches - one for each wrist!!!

This is truly a golden age! There are so many ways for me to display my snazz I see a therapist to help me with my analysis paralysis.


Came here to point out the Joe Vs. The Volcano reference.

Leaving satisfied.


This was the first thing I thought of too! Great movie.

“Very exciting. . . as a luggage problem.”



$18k and you put Chivas in it?

Amateur move.


Seconded. The right choice would obviously be Santraginus V sea water.

Oh that Santraginian sea water! Oh those Santraginian fish!!!


I’d rather have a minibar with a built-in steamer trunk.