Jet-set like a pro with this New York Times featured bag

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Although it may be made of waterproof material, that design does not look like it does much to isolate the contents from the environment.

I just inherited a 1950s American Tourister, myself. It’s pretty waterproof and hella sturdy.


Hey wow an actual useful item from the store and not priced above other places.
This would be quite tempting if I actually travelled more.

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I guess I’m not like you. Security bullshit, cramped legroom, overpriced liquor, lazy valets, and would it kill you to get HBO on the seatback TVs? all rank way above having my butler pack my steamer trunks, on the scale of travel annoyances. Oh, and the ransom demands. Why don’t any of these people take cheques?

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1960 called. It want’s it idiom back.

Today it’s the molested set.

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