Cheap USB-C Hub lets me use my old devices with a new USB-C only Mac laptop

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Ah yes. The Mac Book Pro. Sleek, sexy as fuck, and streamlined. Unless you want to use it in a business environment, in which case have fun with the $300 worth of dongles weighing 10lb hanging off of it. :wink:


There is no USB-C power delivery port on this gadget. The connecting cable implements USB-PD, but all it’s doing is requesting enough amps to power all those devices.

Also no ethernet port, so no fast internet in places where that’s available. It’s cheap, though.

Not sure if that’s the same one I bought a while back, but it looks very much the same and it did NOT work well with some HDMI monitors. I bought this one to replace it and it has worked much better, is only $5 more, and is a lot sleeker:

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Sorry I can’t present today, I forgot my Mac’s bag 'o dongles.

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i was miffed that the mac book air went from mag-safe, 2 usb2 ports, a thunderbolt to just two usb-c ports and the 3.5mm earphone.

and if you dack with them in person there are many usb-c plug-heads that can block the other port.

i have tried the usb-c magnetic power adapter thing … and I couldn’t find one that didn’t black the other usb-c port

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I now use the MacBook Pro design as a concrete example of cost externalization. In this analogy, cost is approximately equivalent to clunky ugliness. The MacBook Pro is only able to be “sleek, sexy as fuck, and streamlined” because it’s able to outsource the requisite ugliness onto other provenders. The total amount of ugliness in the system is the same (or greater!) but MacBook Pro’s books look clean.


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