This adapter adds 7 new ports to your MacBook

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Well, honestly, since it uses 2 ports and passes those through, it only adds 5 ports. Having said that, I own one and like it a lot.

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Is that huge solid lever only connected via the tiny little USB-C connector on one end? Or is there some other support for it? It seems designed to break the first time a cable is yanked or something is dropped on it.

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It plugs into both TB3 (USB-C) ports on the side (works on either side). It is pretty solid, more stable than the ones that only plug into one port via a short cable. I carry my MBP with it plugged in most of the time, which is convenient.

In retrospect it’s a shame Apple didn’t stick one of those security slots on the side of the laptop. It could provide a solid mechanical connection for “docks” like this.

There are zillions of these on the market. Mine has an Ethernet port instead of an audio jack and connects via a built-in 3" cable to one USB-C port instead of sitting flush against two. I love it. When I’m home, it’s effectively a dock; plug in one thing and boom, it’s a desktop. When I travel I might just use the HDMI and Ethernet ports in the office, transfer files via SD or a USB thumb drive, etc. And the funny thing is, it’s cheaper than Apple’s own three-port adapter which only has power+HDMI+USB. FWIW the one I have is Letscom, but as I said there are many out there. Definitely a must-have accessory if you have a USB-C machine.

In a better world Apple would ship the laptop with one of these things bundled since it will obviously be necessary for a large percentage of the installed user base.

In an even better world they would just leave the damn ports on the laptop in the first place.


Not only does this ad not say what type of “USB-C” or “USB 3.1” ports these are, neither does the linked site’s specifications section. Embarrassing.

And that my friends, is a picture of what design fail looks like. I honestly don’t know what happened to this company, but I haven’t seen this amount of fail from them since the mid-90s. Too bad really. As a customer of theirs since 1980 or so, it makes me very very sad.

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That would get in the way of their core dongle-selling business.

There’s kind of a neat retro feel to this huge, somewhat clunky addition to the laptop. I’m getting some kinda retro-computing vibe here.

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