Plugable dock lets you power everything from a single USB-C port

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October 2015

I’m sure there are other competitors as well.

A kludgey workaround for the corporation’s inability to imagine that people may need… drumrolls please… ports!


Though sometimes they need portability in one locale, and ports at another locale. A dock solves that problem.

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Given how little impact additional ports have on portability, a dock is a solution to a problem that doesn’t have to exist.

Docks have their uses for peripherals that stay in place instead of being carried around; plug one wire instead of three. But that’s about it.

Let’s see, on my imac, I’ve right now- I’ve got a power cord, dvd drive, an extra monitor, a stereo amplifier and two additional hard drives preventing me from on a whim, walking off with it. (the keyboard, mouse, and internet are all wireless)

Now, I have no need to carry a 27 inch monitor from place to place. It’s somewhat heavy, and somewhat bulky, and I don’t want to damage it. But if it was a laptop, the option to connect it using one umbilical, instead of six would be a tempting one-- provided that the bus isn’t saturated.

Lenovo’s docking stations are pretty good for this sort of thing too. Just clip in the laptop.

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Plugable makes great products… My favorite is their Pro8 Docking Station which turns a 7" HP Stream 7 (or other) small tablet into a full scale desktop computer, allowing one to charge the tablet via USB while using the USB for devices and external display and ethernet and audio and things.

Belkin already makes several USB-C docking stations. I’m using the Belkin USB 3.0 Dual Video Docking Stand for Ultrabooks right now. Not sure why a kickstarter is needed for a me-too product.


Remember, it must be USB-C, otherwise it can’t charge the macbook…

No, they don’t. The make several USB 3.0 stations, but the only USB-C product is a wire.

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