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I think she’s saying “IINE,” but I don’t know if that’s a word. Is that a word?

Here’s a little trick I learned w/ google translate that might serve here (it’s a decent way to transliterate from romaji to kanji because I’m too lazy to learn the transliteration tables.)

  • go to

  • select Japanese

  • In the translation field, click the kanji button

  • Type in your best guess for the English spelling of the word. Kanji will automagically be transliterated for you.

  • If you hit the down arrow on the keyboard, more spelling options appear, and you can scroll to the one that looks like the best match

This spelling of “IINE” appears to mean: “Asked price” but all the translation suggestions have to do with price or asking.

Of course like all machine-translation, it’s not great and gives little to no slang or cultural context. But it’s good enough for getting the hang of manga titles etc when you don’t feel like bugging a forum.


on the other hand, いいね seems to mean the american english equivalent of “neato” or “noice”.

This trick works for cyrillic and other alphabets too. Although I usually use it for Russian and Japanese, simply because those are the other scripts I encounter most often.


I like that two of the translations are emotes!


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