Japanese Magician Does Crazy Stuff with Credit Cards


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It never fails to charm me to hear the scattered words of “Engrish.”



Lol, I’m sure the French, German etc folks think the same when they hear their words in “English”. :slight_smile:


Sans doute!


Hey its not Japan’s fault their language mostly uses mora rater than syllables.


I used to be able to win a few bar bets, by being able to do a mod 10 double add double check-digit calculation (aka, Luhn algorithm) very quickly in my head. Tell someone that they can read off the digits from any of their credit cards, leaving out one of the digits, and I’ll tell them what number they left out.

Unfortunately, that check-digit scheme isn’t as ubiquitous as it once was.


Is it that thing where he orders dollar coins from the U.S. Mint, with free shipping, and racks up a ton of frequent flier miles, then just takes them to the bank and deposits them back in the checking account that auto-pays his credit card bill?

Because that’s a pretty crazy credit card trick.


Well, it’s a little different since it’s not so much accented English as English that’s been transmogrified at the cellular level, sort of like an anime Bart Simpson (fig. 1):

I have the same reaction.

“Hey, wanna play baseball?”
"[something something something] besuboro?"


I’ve done some pretty crazy stuff with credit cards.


But that’s not really ‘Engrish.’ Japanese smoothly incorporates foreign loan words by transforming the pronunciation into the available sound library of the language. Like ‘Arbeito’ from the German for work. Engrish is misused English words that don’t really mean what the people using them think they do, or disregarding the meaning.


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