How to bow and exchange business cards in Japan

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Very awesomeness, I like it.

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If you’re Western, you’re not expected to know this at all. But, if you’re of Asian descent that’s a different story:

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Most importantly, maintain eye contact while crushing their business card.


More on ojigi.

And as a gaijin, no matter how good you get at being polite and following norms, you’re still just a species of monkey as far as they are concerned.


I’m a member of the great apes, taxonomic family of primates.


Damnit I was going to go to sleep and now I’m watching a 50 item long playlist videos of a Japanese man crushing business cards.

BOING BOING! shakes fist at sky

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how does the dog bark or more appropriate how do you point your furniture (places please)

When I lived in Japan, I always enjoyed hanging out with Doug from Chicago. He was like third generation Japanese American, so he looked the part, but couldn’t speak a word. Every time we went to a restaurant, he would be the one asked to do the order, but one of the white guys who took Japanese in university would actually respond. The double takes were always pretty funny.

Apparently this doesn’t happen as much any more. One of my friends just got back from a year-long stint in Japan, where she was happy to report that she rarely got the condescending “Oh, your japanese is so good!” paean whenever she asked for something as simple as a glass of beer.


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