Check out a new site of restored cult films by director Nicolas Winding Refn

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This is odd, Just yesterday I watched The Neon Demon. It was interesting in that I want to make a movie about fashion models and the fashion industry. Or at least the fashion modeling and photographing industry. Wasn’t great, wasn’t awful.


Not a great plot, many great visuals. It’s hard to find a director who’s good at both.

Re movies to check out, maybe Fur (didn’t love), and the documentaries on Annie Liebowitz and Helmut Newton…


I just kept getting wrapped up in the stiff performances by the models. Elle and Jena were good but the other two were kind of vapid and one dimensional. Unless that is how they were directed. But yes it was a visual treat. I would say that bot Baz Luhrman and Julie Taymor are really good at highly stylized visuals and good story.


And I learn the source of another song from The Cramps.

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