Neill Blomkamp to direct new 'Robocop' sequel, with original's writers on board


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Just think, if RoboCop was made today Peter Weller would have had to stab Boddicker to death with a Thunderbolt Port connection.


Blomkamp, eh? This could be fun; though I guess that it will end with a fist fight.


If he used a USB he would stab him once, have it bounce off, turn it upside down, stab him again, have it bounce off, sigh, turn it over again and then finally stab him successfully.


I love Neils direction, his stories are some times lacking - or wanting for more. Still, this could be good!


Will it still be set in Detroit? I guess Blomkamp will have to hire Eminem instead of Die Antwoord.


Blomkamp is a good match for his visual style and gore… He always does visually striking work, while not always hitting the conceptual/narrative mark. The fact that he’s not writing it is a huge plus. Not sure if he will be able to match Verhoeven’s satirical tone… but who knows?

Here’s hoping it will be like Blade Runner 2048; a creative director’s unique riff on a 80’s touchstone.

ETA: What role will Sharlto Coply play this time?



Thanks for including the walk of the melted man. I watched that over and over again in slo-mo when we finally got RoboCop on VHS. Probably the best part of the movie (or at least my favorite).


Wouldn’t he first need to fumble in a backpack for a proper dongle, while swearing under his simulated breath?


Neill Blomkamp

Say no more. That’s all i need to know i’m 100% behind this


I would prefer Boddicker, just to hear “b*tches leave” in his accent. If not, then Bob Morton.


If they don’t give Bixby Snyder a bright orange spray tan I’ll be very disappointed. “It’s Not My Problem” is the perfect show for the MAGA crowd.



Frank Miller got the job instead.

Frank Miller has suggested that his script was thoroughly maimed in the process. Thus originated the comic book adaptation of his original script, which is, ah, questionable.

I’ve never been quite clear on why exactly he splatters so. Perhaps no reason is needed.


It’s clear that USB sticks are the only known macro-scale physical object with spin 1/2 geometry.


Yes. That, and, “Can you fly Bobby?”


Instead of emulating Verhoeven directly, I think he should lean into it from his own satirical perspective. It’s very much “school of Verhoeven” in the first place. More exaggerated, less mirthful, and if anything even darker. I can’t imagine a better choice.

Blomkamp Exhibits A and B


Haha those are pretty amazing… Paired with the music, it’s sooo dark though. Could be interesting if they push it that dark and weird.


The deadpan combination of “Funny ridiculous” and “so dark we’re using forbidden bass frequencies to make you feel unwell” could really make it.

Verhoeven pioneered it, of course…

Lynch used this technique in various scenes of Dune but it didn’t really work there.


Yeah, it’s like they’re saying… No, this isn’t funny, this is real. That’s hard to pull off, but I’d love to see it, even if people hate it for 10 years