Peter Weller returns as Robocop

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TIL RoboCop is an appropriately badass art historian.


Sorry if you were expecting a movie!

He says after I click on his headline :wink:


Honestly, I’m good with no more RoboCop movies unless Paul Verhoeven deigns to direct them. While the 2014 remake had a few moments, underwhelming would be generous. No one Verhoevens like Verhoeven.


I think it’d be possible for some directors/writers to do their own take and have it translate well. Neill Blomkamp (District 9) is one i would trust to do a really interesting take that would have something to say, however I would much rather see someone make an original movie that took some inspiration from it rather than try to catch lightning in a bottle from something that was already great. I could say the same thing about other movies that have gotten remakes and reboots, but Hollywood is gunna do what they’re gunna do unfortunately.


I’m still waiting for my Buckaroo Banzai Against the World Crime League movie. I’M STILL WAITING.


Came for this. Not disappointed. Well, not disappointed by not finding a Buckaroo Banzai comment. Eternally disappointed that we only ever got the one release. I’ll bet Jeff Goldblum would be up for it!


i watched the game trailer and it looked interesting, but the robocop reveal was disappointing.

maybe the people making the game are too young to realize, but the line should have been “dead or alive, you’re coming with me”

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Funny, I always respected Peter Weller for leaving the franchise when it was starting to loose focus and become gimmicky.
And now he’s doing one-liners in a beat-'em-up?

To me, Robocop was never about the cool gadgetry or the gratuitous violence - those were surface level tropes which the move actually spends a good deal of time deconstructing.
But it is very difficult, maybe impossible, to criticize the notion of “cool/awesome” without it rubbing off on you when you handle it. A Clockwork Orange had this problem, as does Starship Troopers.

In hindsight, Paul Verhoeven was probably the Gen X version of Dan Harmon.

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Is that a plot I see?

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