Neill Blomkamp to direct new 'Robocop' sequel, with original's writers on board


That is such a great character introduction; especially the cops running through the station to get a look.


Dear dog, I do hope so, and they film all the street-level stuff here because that was just stupid putting into a film that’s supposed to be in Detroit a well-known landmark that’s seen in the opening credits of the TV show Dallas.


The newscaster since he can deadpan so well


Blomkamp can do good social commentary (See District 9), and his visual aesthetic and method is great (see his Zygote short. Trigger warning it’s a horror short), as far as comedy and weirdness goes he’s leaned into it in a few of his shorts at Oats Studios as well. Will he pull off a good Robocop movie? I don’t know but i am happy to give him the benefit of the doubt. He’s one of the few filmmakers out there today that genuinely excite me when i hear they’re trying something new.

He’s fairly disillusioned with big studios and blockbuster movies as he’s gotten screwed over many times in recent history, so i’m curious how he got involved with this but then again i think he’s a real good fit for the movie.


“I work for Dick Jones. DICK JONES!”



I won’t argue most of your list, but the Dredd remake and the 2014 Godzilla are pretty good films.


The original Robocop (and to an extent Verhoeven’s Total Recall) was a sort of a Dutch person’s fantasy of what a modern times American cowboy movie would look like set in near future times, but way way over the top. Think dialogue like “Nice sootin’ son, what’s your name”. That cowboy-as-cop aspect combined with bizarro R-rated slapstick is what no iteration of Robocop has captured that I know of and probably never will.


A dear friend of mine insists Red Dragon is better than Manhunter. Insists. We argue often.


Any excuse to post my favorite knock-off toy




Meh I liked it. To each their own.


The film works so well in rhyming form too :slight_smile:


While not technically about Robocop, it uses sound bites and is also done by a Brit.


Gotta disagree here. New Dredd is absolutely sick, and I’d say most fans tend to agree.

“Decent?” Oh come on. It’s freaking excellent, and again, most seem to agree. Original was my favorite movie, I’ll add. New one now is.


You forgot the entire Transformers reboot. Mostly because they took a beloved 80s thing and shitted all over it. You can throw GI Joe in there too.

Although Alvin and The Chipmunks wasn’t bad.

And I don’t care what anyone thinks, but having Bones be Dredd is awesome. I so wish I could hear Karl Urban say “He’s dead Jim.” in his Dredd voice.


Maybe it can double feature at the drive in movies with Bill and Ted 3, with their original cast and writers.


Unpopular opinion: Those franchises were always stupid and the modern reboots aren’t responsible for “ruining” them so much as “exposing how misguided all the Gen-X nostalgia for the cartoons of our youth was in the first place.”


I think you’ve missed my point.


I’d never seen that before, and I really enjoyed it. Thanks.