Check out Bruce Lee's acting chops in this clip from Here Come The Brides

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oy, Here Comes the Brides… sexist even for the time (and that’s saying something) fiction about the first families of Seattle. But most egregious for giving (my childhood) the horrific song “Seattle” “The bluest skies you’ll ever see are in Sea…attle…” (uh…no. if skies need characterize an area we’d be grey)

(yet still proud that Bruce Lee was a very talented Seattilite)

deep aside: how many actors can you count who walked off the Here Come the Brides set to the Star Trek (original series) and then back again…?


Mostly, yes. A blue sky on a nice day in Seattle is pretty blue, though. I’d characterize the song as “partly true”.


Barbara Hambly wrote a Star Trek / Here Come the Brides crossover novel. No, really.

In the book, it turns out that Spock’s mother is a descendant of the character played by Mark Lenard, who went on to play Spock’s father.


I just watched the first 5 minutes of the pilot on youtube. Wow, they really started off with the misogyny and rape apologists.


I remember that book. It wasn’t awful.

I re-watched the James Garner version of Marlowe not too long ago and was reminded that Bruce Lee had a fun couple of scenes where he got to ham it up with Garner (although he also did some martial arts stuff in said scenes). He still drips charisma.

This clip has some poor text captioning which is best ignored tho.

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