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mushroom coffee,


I love mushrooms, but I don’t know. Plus ever since I listened to Pseudopod #252, guuuuh Cordyceps NOPE.


I got a similar coffee grinder as a stopgap when my previous grinder died, and I’ve been happy with it for over a year. Most of the grinders on the market (other than cheap choppers) either cost several hundred dollars, or were way too big for my kitchen - they were scaled for grinding a pound at a time, and I wanted something I could grind enough coffee for 1-2 cups, and put a different flavor of coffee in next time.
The main drawback is that changing the grind fineness is a bit of work, but I’m almost always using a French press, and I can commit heresy and use the old chopper when I want to make espresso.


This is how The Last of Us starts…


What kind of mushroom?


Either Cordyceps and Chaga mushrooms, or Lion’s mane and Chaga mushrooms.



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