Check out Malcolm X's interview at Berkeley

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Reading the Autobiography of Malcolm X as a junior in HS was the start of my interest in equal rights activism.

Thx for sharing the vid.


Yep. As a young white person living in an area that still had high levels of segregation as long as the 90s (and Klan activity!) it gave me a broader perspective on the struggle for racial justice, especially ideas that were more critical of the integrationist point of view… I’m not gonna say I totally got it, but it certainly helped me on my journey to greater understanding of race and racism in the US and the world.

Should be required reading, honestly. But good luck with that in the current environment…

Also, here is Malcolm X and James Baldwin…


One of many documentaries on Muhammad Ali is William Klein’s Ali: The Greatest 64-74 which covers the events surrounding the two Liston fights, then jumps forward for the Foreman fight in Zaire (now DRC).

Between the two Liston fights Klein interviews Malcolm X. In the director’s commentary he talks about how he got this interview: he was filming around Ali’s entourage at some point (I can’t remember where), and wandering the surrounding halls by himself was Malcolm X. Klein walked up to him and asked for an interview and they talked about Ali and what he represented.

Note that the uploader put 1969 as the year of the documentary but that’s not correct, it was released in 1975 and contains footage from 1964-65 and 1974


when he was featured on a postage stamp back in the 00s, a friend and I were remarking on the irony that (at least) one government agency participated in killing him; then, after many years, a much weaker government agency participated in honoring him. doesn’t really balance out.


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