Check out Robocop in a bizarre Korean ad from the 90s

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The youtube version for folks on the bbs


Whoever owned the rights to the Robocop suit design (I think it was Rob Bottin?), was highly selective about letting one of the suits be used. The suit in this commercial looks like a knockoff reproduction as it is all vacuumetalized chrome rather than the “Mystique” color changing paint scheme or the gray versions. Perhaps they paid him a ton of money and he made an obviously “shiny” version from existing patterns so it would look different?

Back in the early 90’s I worked on a live-action “trailer” for an upcoming Robocop vs Terminator video game (the trailer got canned). They sent one of the real suits along with a stuntman who was familiar with wearing it. I’m normally not excited about stuff like this, but I was obsessed with trying to figure out how to be alone with that suit for an hour to wear it, just for a little bit.


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