Check out the Brazilian Girls' live version of Lazy Lover

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OH Yeah, love love love it.

My favourite of theirs is “Pussy”

There’s a really great boat name.

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Thank you for posting this Devin. I never heard about this band before, but I feel like I should have. Very nice!

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Bit of a throwback but always a fan of theirs.

Love this band and always wanting to see more of what their drummer’s doing.

I was thinking the exact same thing about the bass player. I think the first shot that focused on him (not because the singer was in front of him) was around the four minute mark.

Great music, for sure.

The total lack of bass gives the beginning a fascinating vibe. Too bad the whole video lacks bass.

from the opening pp of the wikipedia about the band:

None of the members are actually from Brazil and the only female in the band is the Italian singer Sabina Sciubba

Next you’ll be telling me that none of the Rolling Stones are actually made of stone, and only one of them is usually rolling… (mice/modest, heads/talking, etc…, etc…)

A friend of mine introduced me to this years ago (the studio album). I really liked it and listened to it a lot but never looked into it. I am disappointed to realize the band is mostly dudes and is in fact not from Brazil but NYC? I’m not sure how or if either misconceptions on my part influenced my enjoyment.

That was a fun little band! Their eponymous first album is a classic in my book. I was lucky enough to see them live in Amsterdam. I don’t think Sabina wore this outfit, though.

ONE “girl”. I was expecting a LOT more. Some exponential amount more.

It’s always weird when one member of a band is totally committed to an avant garde image presentation, and all the other members are in t-shirts and jorts.

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