Check out the Honest Trailer for Moon Knight

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It’s probably pretty honest, if I’m being honest, but I honestly liked it better than they did. Clearly. Although, yeah, he did black out a lot early on, which started to get tiring. But still loved it.


It seems I liked it less than they did. But I don’t understand the accusation of Ethan Hawke phoning it in; he was great I thought.

I found the series to be a bit much really. I didn’t have any familiarity with the character going in and really didn’t find him growing on me at all. I was glad the series was short which was disappointing in a meta way.

I guess there’s no need to ask the requisite BB query, then.

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Meh, I thought it was fine, in the vein of the earlier Netflix Defenders shows. But (also like those shows) I find it a bit weird that these peripheral outings are all so samey, when they would have been a perfect place to explore some of the more outré stuff, like Squirrel Girl.

Then again, if you follow that line of reasoning you might start to wonder why every goddamn thing has to be a licensed property at all, so maybe that’s the answer

I like the character in the comics, and I love Isaac. But the show was a MESS. There’s no central character, which is more of a liability on TV than in a comic. Also a chaotic, wildly careening plot is OK in a comic, but induces a kind of motion sickness on TV. The production values are terrific and the Suit is fabulous. I’m glad they went with a lot of Egyptians on both sides of the camera, but the Layla was, I don’t know, a little dewy and soft for an action heroine, and the writing of the relationship with Mark Spector was undercooked.

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