Check out the meta first trailer for Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events

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My son and I loved these books when they first came out, but the Jim Carrey film version was so awful. This looks like it captures the right tone much better, and it was fun to see all the little inside jokes in the background.


The bit about warning me to avoid it was…not strong, and should have been modified to something like him being as trapped as the rest of the cast by tide and turn, into this production of cruel whimsy…etc

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disastrously excited about this. i hope it’s not unfortunately so.


Only eight episodes? Is this meant to be a mini-series that covers all of the books, or are they going for a book (or so) per season?

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On the scale of White Men, Lemony Snicket is on the exact opposite(short, soft, high-pitched) end as Patrick Warburton (tall, chiseled, baritone). I love it

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