Big Trouble in Little China continues, in comic book form, with John Carpenter still at the helm

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Maybe I should give it another chance, but this fan of the movie was utterly disappointed in the first few issues I picked up.


My God. Jack Burton is Dean Venture.



It should be noted that nothing has changed about this series of graphic novels since it was mentioned in the July 19 “Snake Plissken…” post, or in the POST DEDICATED TO IT ALREADY on May 31. But, I’m a BTILC fan, so more is better. I guess.

Meh. I’m enough of a fan of the movie to have picked up the first three volumes of the comic. And if you have time to kill, it’s an ok read but nothing stellar. On the plus side it aligns nicely with the film in terms of dialog and plot – it feels like a natural extension of the movie. But… the film’s magic becomes a bit thin, as though the movie has dragged on too long.

I understood the film was initially intended to subtly feature Jack Burton as the incompetent sidekick who didn’t realize he was a sidekick, but that this idea was too high-concept for the executives who proceeded with their meddling (resulting in the little prologue at the start). If Carpenter is involved here, does that mean it hews closer to the original idea?

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It’s pretty clear that’s what he is in the actual film. He doesn’t understand any of the magic or what’s going on even though he thinks his guns solve all problems.

That’s exactly how my Chinese students saw it when I was teaching English in Taiwan several years ago and showed it to them.

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