The Rock to Star in Big Trouble in Little China Remake


But… but…




May I blog and credit you? This is huge news in my and @funruly’s world.


Absolutely. And if you need a quote, I has a sad.


I have a mission to spread the word of Jack. My first impression of this is not positive, but we’ve had this discussion before. The @Donald_Petersen will be along to explain why my attachment to the original performance is immature at best.


LOL. I have mixed feelings. I really wanted to see Kurt and Co. come back but I’m glad it’s getting out into the world again. So conflicted!


I’m not a Dwayne Johnson fan. He always strikes me as a attitude-heavy, low-rent version of Vin Diesel.

Where every role he’s played would be better if played by Vin Diesel.

Maybe I haven’t seen the right films. Like how I feel about Adam Sandler. Hate the vast majority of his films; but Punch Drunk Love shows he’s got a lot of talent. Have I missed DJ’s PDL?


I think he has some fairly decent acting chops. Whilst I’m trying to find the right sketch, check out this one from his SNL appearance.

Here we go, he deals with a live performance pretty well in my opinion.

I can’t watch either of these due to my location, hopefully they work.


Yeah, I think you’re right, cause he’s always great on SNL the two times I’ve seen him (most action stars or atheletes suck on SNL). I’m sure like many other folks, he’s gotten typecast and could likely do much more than the roles he lands.


I don’t care. I like the Rock as an actor. It isn’t about his chops or ability to make a great movie.

Uncle Duke
Jack Burton
Indiana Jones
Rick Blaine
Hawkeye Pierce
Gregory House
Howlin’ Mad Murdoch

All sacred.


Oh god, no.


After another 3 or 4 actors take on the role in the inevitable tent-pole series, Russell will still stand out as the progenitor who defined the sketchy-blueprint that left so much room for exploration and innovation.


Of some note is Russell’s co-star, Megatron/Fred Jones (et alia):


Up next, a Buckaroo Banzai sequel staring Piers Morgan.

Edit for better pic


I would never. Snake Plissken’s boots… er, R.J. MacReady’s Sorels… that is, Jack Burton’s shoes are too big for the likes of anyone named Dwayne to fill.

That said, I still don’t think that any performances are so sacrosanct as to be unremakable. My dad used to think nobody could outdo Duke Wayne in True Grit, and boy howdy was he wrong.

I’d pay cash money to see Tom Hardy don Indy’s fedora for an hour or two. Even if we had to change the character’s name to Hammersmith Wimpole-Jones, I bet he could outrun any boulder you rolled at him with verve and panache.

Jack Burton, though? I gotta scratch my head and think on that one for a while.

But The Rock? No.


True Grit is an outlier, however. I agree, it was MAGIC. Most are not. I am still waiting for F-Troop, the Movie.


Who will be the Storch/Tucker duo of the 21st century? Name your dream cast!


Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. Sadly a Billy Crystal, Jack Palance is no longer possible or perhaps in good taste.


Now I really want to see F-Troop!

oooooh kay

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