The Rock to portray Jack Burton?


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If Jacky Chan plays LoPan, I’m all in!


I could see it working. He’s an alright actor, it’s the rest of the movie-making process I’m worried will screw up.


Noooooo, please nooooooo! Why mess with a classic?

Besides I don’t think Dwayne Johnson can hit the same level of sarcastic looking facial expressions as Kurt Russell


I think Chris Pratt world be perfect, though.

And Elizabeth Banks as Grace Law.


Remake the bad movies---- John Waters


I’m sure that people bitched when John Carpenter did his remake of The Thing, even though it was superior to the original. (I myself wasn’t that happy with Escape from LA, which was essentially a remake of, rather than a sequel to, Carpenter’s own Escape from New York.)


Whenever I think that the original of something is sacred, then I just have to comfort myself with the simple reality that I am not the target market for the remake. I’m getting on, and am way past being close to the zeitgeist.

Things get remade because culture is changing and evolving. Humans have been doing it forever. It’s just that now the old versions of pop culture are still available when the new ones are made. But just because they are easily available via streaming and download services (and video rental places before that) doesn’t make them immune to the same things that have always made stories need updating to retain relevance. Film as a visual medium seems to require updating more frequently than written storytelling forms, likely because there’s so little left to the imagination, so the audience can’t as easily fill in the blanks with details that make sense to their lived experiences.


Yes! The only thing “wrong” with “Big Trouble in Little China” is that it fundamentally only has a very small audience. That audience isn’t interested in seeing Dwayne Johnson rehash a Kurt Russell role, and Johnson’s natural audience isn’t going to give two fucks about it either.

That the first person announced wasn’t a director says everything.


Hmm, I suspect they’re going to totally miss the point - which is that Jack Burton isn’t the hero. He’s the sidekick who thinks he’s the hero. I don’t see The Rock playing that kind of part.


I sort of wish that Gwendoline Christie had been announced as the lead.


The Thing wasn’t a remake of the BW movie…it was another movie based on the same short story.

Not a remake…any more than the three dozen or so “Christmas Carol” is a remake of the old BW film.


Ack, I was excited about the prospect of a sequel, remake is way less compelling. BTiLC is one of my favorite movies, I want more story, not a redo of what we already have.


We know what’s going to happen. Same story, just louder and with more CGI.

There may be a kid.


It’s a bit hard not to call “The Thing” a remake given that it was called “The Thing”. If it were just based on the John W. Campbell story, it would have been titled “Who Goes There?”, the title of the story itself.


Apparently Dwayne Johnson has decided to also remake Kurt Russell’s career. Both actors spent the early parts of their career on television, then spent some time making family friendly movies (yeah yeah, I know, The Rock also did The Rundown, Scorpion King, etc. I’m trying to shoehorn them together). Now he’s full in the action movie stage. My question, when do we the most electrifying man in sports entertainment starring as the lead in a creepy-with-a-heart romantic comedy?


I would hate the thought of a remake or continuation of Big Trouble regardless of the lead but ultimately I’d come to terms with it. But I really do fear that The Rock is poorly cast in this role, and I actually like him as an actor and personality. But he’s just not right for the role, I don’t really get why he’s being cast as Jack Burton.


He’d be a better fit as Snake Plissken.

But if The Rock needs a campy remake vehicle, he’s tailor-made for Flash Gordon.


Maybe not, but he’s definitely got the bravado down.


Maybe the Beeb can cover Queen.