Check out these films by Indigenous filmmakers

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Great looking list!

I’m surprised it doesn’t include the one that’s often said to have started it all, the wonderful Smoke Signals.


It might have to do with the MeToo allegations against Sherman Alexie.

He was (I say was in the sense that he is now tarnished; he is still alive) really a shining beacon of the Native American literary world. When I was in college, I read just about everything that he had written.


Sigh. I had not heard about that…how disappointing


I know…

He really was my favorite living author when I was in college.

I still believe that Smoke Signals is worth watching, though. It deviates significantly from his original short story, “What it means to say Phoenix, Arizona,” and a lot of indigenous people worked very hard to make that movie.


Could be. I dont know if he worked on the script, but it does indeed swerve far from his fiction, with so many other great people involved, so I’m fine with recommending it, hope indigenous women are too (though from what I remember, his victims were white women).


Yes, and at the time, nobody really knew, so it’s not like people who go off and work with a Woody Allen or Roman Polanski now.

Smoke Signals remains one of my favorite movies ever and the author of the original collection of short stories (and I’m pretty sure he adapted the screenplay as well) being an asshole is not enough to make me drop it completely forever. But I am still going to hate that every time I think about it, this jackass is going to be in my head too.


On the topic of Indigenous film: I loved “Vai”. 8 short stories by 8 different Pasifika women. “Vai” means “water” in all of the Pacific nations’ languages in the film.


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